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March 28, 2007
          Birthday’s are celebrated big at CSC.  Their birthday  (even if we had to guess when it is)  is one thing that the kids have OF THEIR OWN,  so we make sure that it is made to be a special event.  We have about 80 birthday parties a year!  Last night was double the event,  TWO of our kids turned 12.  Riza Mae (one of the NINE) and James Francis (who has been with us for a couple of years already) both turned 12. 
           I did my best to convince them they must be "twins" being they were born on the same day…but they would simply not believe me!  Riza Mae is in the Eicher House and James Francis in the Cherne House,  so we had the party outside and all ate together.  Riza Mae and James Francis enjoyed being the center of attention…. but they did have a bit of the attention diverted when our resident "charmer" returned from the Emergency Room!  When the Taxi drove in with Michael Angelo and our nurse returning from getting stitches under his eye from a "basketball incident" a couple hours earlier all the kids had to run to see Michael Angelo and his battle scar!  Oh well,  a good time was had by all…….except for maybe Michael Angelo (but he loved the attention – as evidenced by the smile!)
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