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A week at CSC

April 4, 2007
       Once again a week has gone by…and now I have too many stories to talk about!   
       DENNIS  has gone home, he is 19 years old.  This was his first trip back to the Philippines after being adopted  from CSC before he was two years old.  He had some eye opening experiences while here, learning about his birth culture and meeting some birth relatives.  Dennis had some tough things to deal with here, but the trip ended up on a positive note with him saying   "I WILL BE BACK"!!!   We have this kind of thing happening more and more now…CSC KIDS are growing up around the world!
       JENIVIEV (eldest of the NINE) has moved into the Eicher Home with her siblings.  She was at first placed in our Teen Home because we were unsure about her adoption potential.  After getting to know her we KNOW she is adoptable and are very excited to have her in the Eicher Home with her siblings!  She has not stopped smiling since moving in.  All nine of these kids are doing exceptionally well!
       My friends SHERRI and MICHELLE are here from my home Church in Minnesota!  Sherri has supported one of our "CSC KIDS returned to their birth family" families for 9 years,  she comes back and visits often.  They are out shopping with the Birth Mom and her 6 boys today!  Sherri and Michelle had a fun day and evening with the Teen Home kids yesterday and tomorrow we will all be coloring Easter Eggs and baking and decorating music themed cookies for our school Recital!  It is wonderful for me to have people from my church here to see just what I have been up to the last "almost 28" years of my life!  It is hard for people to understand what goes on here without being here!  I would love for more people from my home church to learn more about what CSC is really all about. We are all working hard to convince Michelle that she needs to come back and teach at our School sometime.
        We had another very exciting TELLING!!!   As you have likely seen in Matt’s BLOG he and Theresa have now became PARENTS of CSC KIDS.  It was fun to tell their kids about Matt and Theresa being their Mom and Dad.  The kids were excited and happy!  Nice for them to already KNOW their parents!  Most of our CSC KIDS don’t know their adoptive parents at all when we hand over the photos!  Since the TELLING the kids have been telling us that "they knew" that Matt and Theresa loved them!   Fun for that feeling and those memories to be there!  There are all kinds of steps in this…first is the legal relationship,  that happened awhile ago. Matt and Theresa were given permission to become parents of Remir, Mary Joy,  ReyMark and Raymund.  THen was the TELLING…when the relationship can be  known to one and all.  Now comes the hard part…the long separation while all those people in Minnesota and Manila do their paperwork to make the physical coming together of the family happen! We have FOURTEEN KIDS in this WAITING STAGE now!!!
         And…with all this positive stuff I need to let you know that not all is good.  IT IS HOT SEASON HERE NOW!!!   I HATE HOT SEASON, it is so hot that it hurts at times.  April and May are Hot Season…so I still have a long ways to go.  Pray for me!  
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