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April 11, 2007
       Some of you may have seen the Easter "celebrating" that is done here in the Philippines on CNN…there are actually men who have themselves nailed to a cross every year. Reinactments and drama are huge here any time of the year, but especially at Easter it seems.  I have not gone to any of the major drama events staged at Easter because I don’t appreciate the whole idea of making  what Jesus did for us over 2000 years ago a simple public spectacle to be repeated year after year.  But…there are some cultural things that we end up being a part of just by being here.  One of those things is the fact that it seems the whole population of Cebu makes the trip up OUR road on Good Friday. Just beyond CSC on OUR road are the "Fourteen Stations of the Cross".  This is beautiful  park-like place with fourteen different events of Christ’s life depicted in bigger than life size statues. Good Friday is the one day of the year that  most people chose to visit this site.  I didn’t leave for the kids home early enough on Good Friday..and was stuck in traffic for almost one hour just getting to our gate.  I have included a photo…the mass of people were actually quite patient and calm  (except for maybe…me!)  Once I finally arrived at CSC I had a fun day with the kids doing some crafts and having a good time with Bible reading and discussion about what Jesus did for us. I love talking with the kids about Spiritual things…their perspective and understanding is simply precious.  Somehow much of our discussion centered on the two theives that were crucified with Christ, the kids were so impressed with the thief who believed who Jesus really was….even though so many others did not.  I am sure there is some comfort in that story for many of them,  making the right decision can gain you much – no matter what your past has been.  It was a blessing to see, even the youngest kids were listening and asking questions.   Easter Sunday Church services here are at  dawn…we were in our Church at 5 AM!  Plently of time to make it to a local hotel for a delicious Breakfast Buffet after our service and get back home for a morning nap! 
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