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April 14, 2007
   Last night we had our end of the year school Recital.  WOW…I am impressed with the talents that our kids have!  Each time we  have a program I am amazed, but last night was a star studded presentation!  I know that our kids have talent and they love to entertain, but I am in awe of our Music Teacher, Teacher Francis.  He does so well with the kids, bringing out their potential and encouraging them along the way.  Francis has a tough job. He works with these kids who have never touched a musical instrument before, teaches them, guides them,  sees them progress and is PROUD of them.  Then the kids leave for adoption – and he starts all over again.  That is a tough job for someone that takes music very seriously and strives for perfection…those beginning sounds that come out of those instruments… oh my, he has to love music to be doing that constantly!
     It is an experience to see the kids progress,  Roselyn could hardly be convinced to go on stage with a group of people just over a year ago, last night she sang a SOLO!  MaryBeth never really made it though a practice session successfully – but last night she didn’t  even make one mistake! Some of those kids in the Band….we still have trouble getting them to take a bath, and we are still working on table manners – but there they were in the Band – making real music! Our kids are blessed to be able to have the wonderful school that they have, to have Teacher Francis and all the musical instruments available to them – but last night we were blessed to see what these kids can do!  Here are a few photos to help you understand just a little of what went on!   The "blue light" photos are actually the kids with white gloves and a black light. Even Uncle Mitch got in on the act. Enjoy!
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