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April 19, 2007
   I have been watching and listening to the sad, sad story of the horrible events at Virginia Tech.  It is so sad to me that someone can become so tormented and so angry that they feel they have no other alternative but to destroy others lives; as well as their own. I wonder what this young man’s childhood was like?  Our kids have reason to be angry too….life certainly has not been fair to them.  For a child to arrive at CSC  something significant and negative has had to happen in their lives.  BUT, healing begins when they come to CSC. At least that is our goal. I’m confident that it is happening.  It is just so sad to think that people can,  and do, grow up in our world not seeing that there is still GOOD in our world, that there is a way to HEAL, that there is a way to overcome what may seem to be insurmountable problems and the whole idea of life being UNFAIR. OH MY.  What if just one person had been able to get through to this young man at Virginia Tech….?  We would not even know that the lives of those 33 people had been saved, but they would have been.  We ALL need to be reminded to reach out and keep doing all the GOOD that we can, that is the only GOOD that can come from something this BAD.
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