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April 20, 2007
       Our kids love kites.  They usually make their own.  We end up having some of our rattan furniture undergoing cannibalization in order for the kites to be made though!  (It is sort of like after Christmas when the batteries from the remote control’s for the fans and air conditioners "disappear" and  those new remote control cars seem to run a little bit longer…) Sometimes our local "rake/brooms"  end up getting thinner too…all this to make the sticks to make the kites.  We usually come up with lots of plastic bags so the kids don’t have to be quite so "sneaky" about getting that!   I love to watch them,  they are so serious in making their kite..and so proud when it flies.  We do have quite a few "kite eating trees",  the kids in the neighborhood are quick to get any kite that lands outside our compound and the fact that lots of our kids seem to forget to tie that sting onto the spool that they have wound the string on are the usual reasons for losing a kite…it is a sad moment in time when a kite is lost believe me….but then the whole thing starts all over.  The photos are to show you what our yard will be like for the next few weeks!  KITE FLYING TIME!!!
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