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April 24, 2007
     All the CSC Staff in Minnesota are busy getting ready for the annual Banquet at Bethel College this weekend…here in Cebu we are wishing that we could be there for those festivities,  BUT we don’t have too much time to think about that because we are preparing for GRADUATION tomorrow and getting ready for the REALITY of having the kids home all the time for the next two months!!!  Having almost 70 kids in one compound all day every day for two months is something that we do need to prepare for!  We have fun classes for the kids for one month of that time, each kid got to choose between Swimming,  Crafts, Basketball or Badmitton classes that they will be attending away from CSC. We also have lots of plans for outings, crafts, shopping and just some time to hang out.  Some kids will be involved in summer school for a few hours each week too.  SO…we think we are ready! 
      I have recently added photos to both my "CUTE KIDS"  and "ALL AROUND"  photo albums.  ENJOY!!
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