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April 25, 2007
        We had a wonderful  night at CHILDREN of HOPE SCHOOL tonight.  Jenalyn and Julieto graduated from grade 6 ! Jenalyn will be continuing her education in Montana.  She is waiting to go there to be with her adoptive family. We are so proud of Jenalyn. Julieto is moving on to different pastures…actually he is hoping to raise pigs!   We will work with him towards that dream. He is actually going on a tour of a big piggery tomorrow and will get some initial info on what  it takes to START. What a dear Julieto is.   We also had five kids graduate from Pre-School tonight,  Jeffrey, Janice, Mariemea, Charyden and Charrytoo were so proud to go up on stage to get their diploma too!  And of course they were absolutely darling in their cap and gown.  All the kids got an award of some sort…we always make sure that happens.  I will attach some photos so that you can all see what you missed by not being at the CHILDREN of HOPE SCHOOL tonight.
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