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May 3, 2007
Those are just three of the many things that have kept me busy the last week.  MARY left us for her new home in New Zealand…she was very interested in her family,  as long as they didn’t get too close…although Mom did get quite a few tender moments.  Mary’s new Mom, Dad and two teenage brothers came here to get her!  She did cry much of the time they were here, but we are confident that she is now enjoying all that attention that they are so anxious to give her!   Summer classes have started for the CSC kids over the age of 9.  We have kids going all directions for Swimming, Basketball, Badmitton and Art/Craft time.  So far the kids are really happy with their classes.  I went with the Swimming group and was proud to see our kids cooperating and enjoying their swimming lesson. Pillow cases have been pretty exciting as well.  A church in North Dakota made different pillow cases so the kids could chose  their own.  It is nice for them to have as much individuality as possible of course.  It was fun to see and hear the kids make their decisions!  The kids rooms are just a bit brighter now with all the new pillow cases!  Summer School has started too; for our kids that need to keep the academic juices flowing over the summer.  Kites are still popular as well.  It has been sooooooo hot here…I walk around this city of one million people mumbling that "this country is unfit for human habitation", it is simply TOO HOT…..I will be much more hospitable at the end May, or whenever rainy season starts! 
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