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May 12, 2007
      This is getting to be a  habit…having to write about more than one thing per BLOG.  I took a wonderful little vacation for four days this week, so got a bit behind on everything. But, of course,  my work did wait patiently for me here. 
      We have admitted FIVE kids this week!  CHELSEA (10) and JOHN HENRY (aka JOHN JOHN) (9) are  brother and sister,  they are in good shape physically.  Chelsea is up to date in school (a rarity for a CSC admittee), and is a good kid.  She does  her best to cooperate and tries to keep her little brother in line (not an easy job). She is happy to be  here and is enjoying learning to ride bike and roller blade.  John Henry is quite active, he is not quite as willing to obey or submit to any rules as his big sister seems to be.  He just keeps doing what he is doing with a big smile on his face…a smile that stays as someone goes and gets him, it continues while they are leading him to the place he was asked to be. He  obviously has not been very cooperative in school to this point either…he is behind where he should be. He is a happy kid though and seems to be pleased to be at CSC – maybe there are just too many things for him to see and do?!?!  ANGEL (7) and SHEENA (5) are sisters.  They have had life a little harder than Chelsea and JohnJohn. They are thin and have been through some tough things.  They seem happy to be here,  they are still in ISOLATION because of some ongoing concerns but it looks like Angel will be able to have her freedom soon.  Angel is very excited to learn to roller blade.  Both of these girls seem to have some self confidence in tact and have that little "spark" that tells us they can overcome their past. It will be exciting to see all the changes that will no doubt come soon with all these kids.   AND……just a couple hours ago we admitted a 16 month old boy named JUSTIN.  Justin has been pretty much abandoned by his mother,  he was left to the care of a neighbor lady.  The neighbor lady did her best with him as long as Justin’s mother gave her funds for food, but the funds stopped a few weeks ago. A friend of our social worker heard about Justin.  Our social worker; Carmelita, checked out the situation and found little Justin here in Cebu City in a squatter village, he is full of hives,  has an open wound on his head and a very high fever.  We admitted him in the hospital.  He needs to be checked over and have some close medical attention for awhile.  He is very weak,   he can not even sit up alone,  he did cry a little when the IV’s were inserted and does watch things going on around him very closely. We are hoping medication and good food will get Justin healthy soon!
        Today was the last day of BASEBALL for the year.   It was a fun year for all (well…most the time anyway).   The BIG TWINS as we call them,  age 10 -14,  lost all of their games this year.  They did have wonderful last inning in the last game though!  Two home runs!   The LITTLE TWINS,  age 8-10,  won 3 of their 5 games.  They (Little Twins) received the CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY in their age group !!!   Today  (saturday) we had a wonderful lunch and rewards program hosted by a few families in Cebu City who are excited about having a baseball league. Each of the kids on each of the teams got an individual trophy with their name on it!  We are happy that our kids are included in this league. This league buys our kids uniforms and paid for the huge lunch for all the teams today!  We certainly appreciate that these families who live here in Cebu have helped us make our kids lives just a bit better!  Our kids loved being on a team and having their own uniforms!
          My vacation was wonderful…I went to the only place I ever go on vacation here, a little beach resort on the other side of this island. A beautiful  2 1/2 hour drive and wonderful snorkeling literally a few feet from my room!   All I need to enjoy a few days of vacation is air conditioning, a comfortable bed and wonderful MOAL BOAL fits the bill.  I have a new underwater camera that I tooks lots of photos with, I have included a few here, I hope you enjoy the photos even 1/10th as much as I did taking them!
          Sorry the photos are all out of order….but I think you can figure out which are NEW KIDS…which are BASEBALL and which are VACATION!
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