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The last week….

May 19, 2007
       Oh my, I better write quick, have been having lots of trouble getting online and even more trouble staying online.
        This is VACATION time for the kids,  school ended the end of March and starts again in mid June. Having about 80 kids on vacation at one time does need a few plans in place.  The Teen Home kids were to get summer jobs…well…that did not work too well.  Kirk has a job (even if it does not pay well he is gaining experience and making good use of his time.    Mildred and Roselyn are taking summer classes. Maria is still to be working at CSC..but she has been claiming illness quite a bit!  Ronilo is training in at a Piggery…he really wants to get some pigs of his own. Arleen is in Manila the majority of the summer,  she is getting special training in Computer use.  There are only about 20 blind students in the whole Philippines that have this opportunity!  Julieto, Aileen and Roselyn we put to work at CSC.  The Teen Home "KIDS" are participating in a TRUE LOVE WAITS seminar throughout the summer too. 
      The Kids from EIcher and CHerne are keeping busy with PLAYING for the most part.  Kites continue to be a huge thing, as well as basketball of course.  The bikes, roller blades, wagons and play ground equipment are always busy as well.  All the "TEN and UPS" got to choose a summer class; swimming, basketball, badmitton and craft classes are happening each week. Lots of driving and observing going on with those classes.  I try to have lots of things consistently available for the kids to choose from too.  We have outlawed marbles and all the rubber band games that Filipino kids love (because they were the source of way too many arguments!)…but are allowing them for some selected days during the summer!  The kids were so happy to play their favorite rubber band games!  We spent a few days making bead necklaces, bracelets, rings and even a toe ring or two. Each kid gets to decorate a tee shirt this summer, it is fun to see the work that some kids put into that!  RENE spent 3 hours making his SPIDERMAN SHIRT just the way he wanted it.  JAMES FRANCIS says his newly decorated Tee-shirt is his "favorite shirt for ever and ever"!  I am taking everyone out to eat at a nice restaurant at least once during the summer, so far I have taken 20 kids out,  all the teens and the 12 year olds.   Everyone is waiting for their turn now! Summer is the busiest time of the year for me really, just keeping everyone occupied and happy while we are all complaining of the heat!  I admit to be the loudest complainer of all….it is just too hot.  Sitting around with the kids making beads or tee shirts I find myself sweating!  It is really hot…close to 100 degrees I am sure. BUT…the good news is that there are a few clouds appearing on the horizon the last few days…RAINY SEASON IS COMING!  PRAISE THE LORD FOR THAT FACT!   AND…school starts in a month!!!  Then I can get back to just my normal work! 
        I will include a few photos of the tee shirt making event.  PRAY FOR RAIN!!!
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