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May 23, 2007
        I am doing a bit better….down to just two things to talk about in this Blog.
        Today I brought ten kids to the Mall to buy shoes.   It actually went well, everyone got shoes they liked!  You would think that these "poor little orphan kids" would be happy with any shoes, right?   WRONG.  Most are quite picky about their shoes (about anything they buy actually). There is little to no "talking them into" any shoes either, I learned that long ago.   Lucky for me (actually for CSC) there was a sale today, so we did get some good, "awesome" shoes for everyone…shoes that say things like  MICHAEL JORDON,  GARFIELD, SPIDERMAN and DORA on them!  HA.  It is fun to see the kids choosing though, I love it actually.  The one thing that I always have trouble convincing the kids is that if they find a shoe they like…but it does not fit them…that they CAN ask for a different size.  That is one concept that we have to keep reminding them of! Usually they put the shoe back and look for another style if it does not fit them.  Everyone got their first or second choice today though so it was a good day.  A quick run through McDonalds drive through for McFlurries was a great end to our trip.  Kids in the shoe photo are  Riza Mae, Jeremie, Kem, Michael Angelo, Ardian, John Henry, Angel, Adelyn, Chelsie and Rey Mark.
         When we got back to Banawa I had some time to "work" in my office for awhile before we had visitors from Hong Kong arrive.  I use the word "work"  quite loosely though.  I have an "open door" policy in my office…and today the door was certainly more open than closed! I had all kinds of questions to answer. "Can I have a kite?" (about 8 times),  How much money do I have in my bank? (actually the kids usually say "can I watch my money" when they want to know how much money they have (at least 12 kids asked that). "When will I go shopping?" (at least 10 times).   I heard lots of reports of who was not taking turns nicely and who got in trouble last night for not listening to the Aunties!  The big story, told from lots of different perspectives, was about a snake that was seen crawling over the wall earlier today. YUCK.  I had anywhere from 2 to 6 kids playing in my office at any moment.  I enjoyed it…but didn’t get much work done.  During the summer I do most of my office work at home!  But….I was blessed to see this little note that was written on my office white board  after the kids left today.  We sure have some cool kids at CSC. 
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