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Is it really JUNE?!?!?!

June 2, 2007
      I do know the answer to that question.  I just can’t believe it.  The kids summer break is one of the busiest times for me, so that helps the days to fly by I know. 
      Summer vacation is going well.  The kids are keeping busy with summer fun classes, outings,  lots of activities and crafts and just some time to relax too…but kids are not very good at relaxing….seems that I notice that more each year.  Don’t tell the kids (or the teachers) BUT I am looking forward to school starting again!  Getting back to a bit of a schedule will be good for me – I have lots of office work to catch up on. 
      I am trying to take everyone out to eat this summer…only 20 kids done and over 30 to go!  I better get busy.  I really enjoy the individual and small group things.  I also have 8 "small" groups of SHOPPERS left too, the kids each get a small weekly allowance so save up for a few months to go shopping!  It is quite an event.  They are already planning which store they want to go to first,  it is fun to see their decision making process.
      This week has been full with visitors, (WE LOVED HAVING YOU HERE KATHY and MARILYN) trips; I made a fast 18 hour trip to Manila with Jeremie and James Francis who will be going on a "Summer Camp" experience in Montana and Idaho in July!  They were both approved for the trip by the USA Embassy…so that was good.  Another whole day was meetings with our house parents; we discuss each child in detail to make sure that we are all working towards the same goals for them and so that we all know what is going on in each child’s development. Today I did birthday shopping for all the birthdays in June and July…I still have to find a few small items to add to a few kids but had a good day of shopping! I was on duty at the Eicher Home tonight.  We all had a good time playing SPOONS and watching the video FLUSHED AWAY!
       The kids have been quite healthy for a long time, that is wonderful!  Another wonderful thing is that HOT SEASON is coming to an end. PRAISE the LORD for that fact.   Oh my, that heat is so tiring.   We are certainly in rainy season now,  have had some rain most days the last week.  We even had one MAJOR storm already!  It is so nice to be able to walk outside for a few minutes without melting into a sweaty puddle.  It was ONLY 91 degrees today!!!
         I will be taking LOTS of photos within the next few days….so keep checking for those photos because you know – WE HAVE LOTS OF CUTE KIDS!  Amazing that each of our kids are CUTE…but they are! And…they are getting cuter every day!
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