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June 3, 2007
I have not had a good day….I used Amy’s memory card from her camera to download some photos she had taken that I needed and then took some special photos that she needed.  BUT…now I can’t find that memory card anywhere!  I have thought about each step I took..when I last remember having the card..and it is still MIA.  Oh my.  FRUSTRATING.  I  recently discovered a couple things that need dealing with at the Teen Home and also have to deal with a some worker concerns at the kid’s home.  These are all reasons why I should not like my job I guess.  But, as I was mumbling and grumbling I walked into the Nursery at the Eicher House and was greeted by a wonderful surprise!  JUSTIN WAS STANDING UP!!!!   Justin came to us less than a month ago, he could not even sit up alone.  He seemed to be a text book Failure to Thrive child except for those bright eyes of his.  He is 17 months old but just was not doing much of anything.  We have been giving him lots of attention and trying to encourage him to move around ever since he got out of the hospital a couple weeks ago.  What a joy it was to see him standing!  All those mumbles and grumbles didn’t seem so important anymore…God showed me loud and clear why I DO LIKE MY JOB!!  What a blessing to see these kids change and grow before our eyes!   JUSTIN made my day.   But….I do still need to find that memory card!!!!
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