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June 11, 2007
    I know that I have talked about birthdays alot…but we  have alot of birthdays.  I want each of the kids to have their own birthday celebration, their birthday is one of the only things that is really theirs!   They share so much with the other kids (room, clothes, toys, Aunties and Uncles) so their birthday celebration is THEIR day.  Sometimes we are not too excited about another spaghetti and chicken supper (the favorite menu of the kids) but when we get there and see the excited BIRTHDAY GIRL or BOY all of the sudden that spaghetti and chicken looks much more palatable. We have a birthday cake with their name on it and ice cream for dessert. They each get a gift too.  What a joy it is to see kids who have never celebrated their birthdays before CELEBRATING!  Some of our kids have never even heard about a birthday party, some don’t even know when their birthday is!  In the last week we have celebrated Janice (7), Sheena (5),  Maria (30), Charryto (7) and Angel’s (8) birthdays, all except Maria having their first birthday with us.  They were all a bit in awe that it really was ALL ABOUT THEM…fun to see.  The Birthday Celebrant always has to wear something red!  Starting on wednesday this week we will be celebrating Remir (14), Aileen (19) and Kyle’s (3) birthdays three nights in a row!  Later in  June we will have Julieto (17),  and June’s (5)  birthdays to celebrate on the same day!  They are at different houses so it will be two parties for us to attend! WOW…that is lots of spaghetti and chicken, but lots of kids that are happy to be the ONE that it is all about too. 
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