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ONCE A CSC KID….always one

June 19, 2007
     There are kids that don’t  "make it" at CSC.  It is heart breaking for us to have to transfer kids out of our home, it is impossible for us to transfer them out of our hearts.  Kids leave for lots of reasons, but the one common denominator  is that keeping the child in question with us would, without a doubt, hurt the other kids.  We don’t send kids away easily. 
      I think about the kids that have been sent away often, they are certainly in my prayers.  A few of them we are able to follow up on because they are still in the agencies that we transferred them too. We have lost track of some of them because they have ran away, or just grew up, a few are in prison.
      There is one young man who I will just call J.  I have his permission to use his story here, but will just call him JJ and his brother were raised by their grand parents,  their parents abandoned them as a baby and toddler.  Grandpa and Grandma did a decent job with the boys,  they loved them and that was the most important thing.  But, Grandma died, and Grandpa got old.  The boys came to live at CSC.  J’s little brother never did adjust and ended up leaving CSC as a young boy years ago,  he was transferred to a Christian agency but could not make it there either, he went back to  birth Aunties and Uncles.  He is not doing well at all.  J stayed at CSC for years,  he is bright and inquisitive, he has a wonderful personality that draws people to him. J has so much potential!  He is honest and genuine.  But, he makes really bad choices in life!  J has lost so much as a direct result of his bad choices;  he lost an adoptive family that he was matched with, he lost the ability to go to a good school and he lost the privelege of living at CSC when he was 14 years old.  He chose to go live with his birth Aunties and Uncles even though they have no love for him and consider him a burden.   We did not give up on J even though he no longer lived with us,  we helped him continue his education and found a safe place for him to live, but his choices took that offer away from him too.  J comes to my house and visits with me often,  I love that he keeps me updated on his life.   I have helped him buy medicine over the years,  have given him food to eat and clothes to wear and lots of encouragement to make the most of all the talents that God has given him.  J has never given up on God.  He is now 18 years old.  Yesterday he came to my house bubbling over with excitement.   HE GOT A JOB!!!!   Jobs are not easy to find in this country, especially for kids who have not finished High School.   J is very bright, he learns quickly and he is able to make friends easily.  He was able to get this job because the Barangay Counsel (like a Mayor) in his little community recognized J’s potential also and recommended J for this government job.  He will be leaving tomorrow!  It is  manual labor, but he has a contract for at least a year and he is psyched!  I talked to him for nearly two hours about taking this opportunity/challenge and making the best of it.  About breaking his cycle of making bad choices and changing his life from here on…his comment was "Auntie Sandy,  I already dedicated this job to you and to GOD,  I know that without your help and prayers and without God caring about me I would not even be alive today.  I will do my best,  I have learned that I need to make better choices".   Once I stopped crying…and hugging him…and giving him some things that he needed to set himself up when he moves to another island for his job I was able to send him on his way with prayers and assurances of my love for him.  He will make it in life.  He IS A CSC KID –  forever….pray along with me for J when God brings him to your mind!
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