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June 29, 2007
           Jeremie and James Francis are flying to the USA on Sunday.   They will go to Montana and Idaho respectively, for a month of fun and learning a bit of what it is like to live in an American family.  We had a little goodbye event for them tonight.  They go to Manila on saturday morning (tomorrow) and will meet up with lots of other kids going too…as well as their escorts.  We talked about the fact that seven of the kids that are here with us now may well not be here when Jeremie and James Francis arrive back in Cebu!  Seven of our darlings will be going to Manila in a week or so,  get their paperwork done there,  wait a bit..and then their parents can come and get them! So Jeremie and James Francis and the SEVEN kids all had to make sure that they said their goodbyes….it was kind of sad actually.  Jeremie and one of the kids going to Manila are really very good friends,  I do hope that they can keep up their relationship via email! 
           I will include a couple photos of our little going away prayer time.  Jeremie and James Francis are sitting at the table and the four kids who prayed special prayers for them are with them (Edmon, Rene, Alvin and Jenalyn)….it was darling to hear the kids prayers!
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