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Catching up…..

July 13, 2007
WOW, a week has gone by since I have written. It seems that I just wrote about Jenalyn yesterday, but so much has happened in the last week that there is too much to write about! I will just have to give you a SUMMARY of the week here in  AUNTIE SANDY’S SUMMARY I guess. Shortly after my last entry Kyle’s adoptive Dad, Mom and two sisters arrived from Australia.  What a wonderful xperience to see families being created before our eyes. Kyle did well with his family and they were more than over joyed with their new son and brother.  I only got to spend one day with Kyles new family because I was off to Manila with five kids to do their MEDICAL and VISA paperwork!   It is a joy to be a part of this important step in these kids adoption process! It is not always a fun thing by any means…but it is important.  We spent 11 1/2 hours  in very crowded  rooms full of people getting all five kids Medical Clearance one day!  The next day we had a day off…so we went to the Manila Zoo.  I will include some photos that will communicate the fun we had there…the kids even talked me into holding a huge snake with them…I will not do that for many people believe me.  Then we were off to the USA Embassy for the final Visa Clearance.  I have been going to that Embassy with kids for many years, it has been turned into pretty much of a fortress in the last few years.   Sign of our times.  All went well there and we were out of that crowded place in about 4 hours.  The kids were excited to go back to Cebu even though the fact that we had two TV’s in our little suite room in our Hotel was quite impressive.  The airplane ride back to Cebu was not quite as exciting as the one to Manila was.  The flight to Manila was the first airplane ride for all the kids and they were quite loud and energetic about expressing their joy and excitement.  It was fun to watch that and luckily the people around us seemed to think it was fun to watch them too!   These CUTE CSC KIDS can get by with much you know. We did have a bit of motion sickness to deal with on the way home, but we made it back safe and sound after a very successful Manila trip!  These five kids will all be leaving in a couple of weeks!  Here in Cebu things continued on too,  the building project is well underway, our volunteer architect from England has been here for a few days getting final details nailed down.  Our new twin baby girls, Crystal and Lavinia are gaining health and energy!  We are getting ready for a work team from Colorado who will arrive tomorrow.  Two more kids are going to Manila on sunday…and two more the next sunday we hope.  This is  just a little summary of the high spots of the last week…
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