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July 22, 2007
           Another week has gone by with no BLOG, but once again I have a very good excuse!  HA!  We had a workteam from Colorado here all week…either they kept us busy or we kept them busy..I am not really sure how that worked.  We said goodbye to Auntie Tammy,  Auntie Sheryl, Molly, Uncle Brad,  Auntie Kim, Auntie Claudia, Auntie Shannon and Uncle Al at lunch time today.  This workteam was certainly a group that was here to serve our kids…they taught our kids and played with our kids all week long.  And they fell in love with our kids too.  Sometimes I feel sorry for our kids because they have to say goodbye to people all the time, our kids grow to love people quickly, they enjoy meeting new friends, but then comes the day for goodbyes…and that was today with this workteam.  The kids were all physically tired after a very active week of lots of fun activities so that made it all the harder for them to say goodbye today….they were kind of quiet after the workteam left.   Our kids are not often quiet.   BUT, the quiet did not last long because we had another big HELLO  today!  Alvin’s adoptive parents arrived this afternoon along with Remir, MaryJoy, Rey Mark and Raymunds mom and dad…our own Matt and Theresa. These five kids were so excited to see their adoptive parents arrive!  What a joy it is for us to see families being made before our eyes!  I never tire of seeing those first few minutes,  even the first couple of hours of our kids becoming familiar with the people that they will be spending the rest of their life with.  What a blessing adoption is.   But….all of this also means that all the rest of the kids will soon have to say goodbye to their good buddies Alvin, Remir,  Mary Joy,  Rey Mark and Raymund in a couple days…and the five kids leaving will be saying goodbye to the only home they have ever felt safe and appreciated in and all the people around  that made them feel that way.  All I can say is that it sure is nice we have a whole list of HELLO’s coming up….to help to balance out all these GOODBYE’s.  But…that is what we do,  we consistently work towards our kids having to  say GOOD BYE…so it was a good day, a good end to a good week.
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