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July 30, 2007
         Things are changing here daily…if not hourly.  Seems like many of the kids who have been matched for months are all leaving within a couple weeks of each other. That is a good thing really! We had two adoptive families here last week ( the two new families appear below in their first family photos!) We have two adoptive families coming next week…and one more family that will be on a plane the earliest moment that they can  be after they hear they have approval from the US Embassy to come. We still have a few kids matched and waiting for final paperwork too….AND we have heard about at least 6 more kids who will be matched soon!  CHANGES. Kids leaving of course means that we have room for kids to come, and that is happening too!   CSC KIDS numbers 745, 746, 747 and 748 are now with us! Four siblings; Joy (age 3-4),  Bercil (age 2-3) and twins John Lloyd and John Louie  (11- 18 months) arrived a couple of days ago.  Joy and Bercil just got out of Isolation today and are in awe of the big yard and all the things to do.  Joy has deformed hands and feet, but that does not seem to slow her down at all!  Bercil is in the best shape of any of them, he is attentive and curious.   John Lloyd and John Louie are in the hospital..they are both quite sickly with malnourishment and possibly a serious case of failure to thrive.  It is hard to know what to expect from them when we are not even sure how old they are!  At this point about all they can do physically is roll over. They do have good eye contact though!  We are expecting good improvement from them with good food, medicine and our famous CSC nurturing. (see the four new ones below!)
            We have had MONTHS of healthy kids but the last couple of weeks we have had some bug get our kids…seems to be hitting the big kids hardest.  Two,  Janice and Melvin,  both ended up in the hospital for IV’s to deal with high fever and a total lack of desire to eat or drink. They are both out now, and back to school.  Cherne Home started the "bug", it went through most of the big kids there, there are still kids in ISO at Cherne.   And, as we ask our Homes to do,  Cherne shared what they had with  the Eicher Home…so we now have kids in Isolation there too.  Pray along with us that this "bug" stays with the big kids and does not get into our Nursery’s.  It is a high fever and generally feeling horrible for 3 to 5 days…not fun.
           A big change is coming for me too.  I leave for the USA for a year in two weeks!   Lots to do before that happens.  I am sure there will be two weeks of late nights getting caught up on paperwork and preparing things so that I can turn over my responsibilities easily.  Paul and Marlys Healy arrive back here (from their one year in the USA)  in a few days.   Lots of changes and comings and goings…that is what CSC is all about!
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