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August 8, 2007
              I leave here in 5 days!  WOW!  I am not quite ready to leave, I have lots to do yet!  I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to invite me to tell you personallly about the wonderful place that CSC is.  I’d love to come to your home, your church, your sunday school class, your small group, a group of your friends and family…anyone and any place that I can tell you about CSC and what we are all about.  You can contact me here via the BLOG or though my E-mail (it is on the BLOG) or contact the CSC office.  I will be based in the northern Twin City area but am willing to travel.  Just let me know and we will see what we can work out!!!  I love to talk about my life here and about what CSC is all about!
             This week has been another crazy one.  We have THREE adoptive families coming and going this week (Juan and Daniel,  John Clarence and Lydia are all OUTTA HERE )!  We have a family of 5 visiting for the week, one of their kids is a CSC KID returning to his roots for a visit.  Paul, Marlys and Jenny are back in town!  We have 8 birthdays to celebrate this week too!  Ruth Ohlendorfs father died, there are services at the funeral home each night in honor of his life.  I am trying to pack and get all my files in order so that I can turn them over to the people that will be doing each of my jobs.  Lots of late nights I can assure you.
              The kids are doing well.   Everyone is healthy for the most part.  We do have some "pink eye" going around but have kept that pretty isolated I think.  The new twins are home from the Hospital…just in time to celebrate their first birthday! See photo of John Louie and John Lloyd celebrating their birthday at the bottom.   Joemar celebrated his 31st birthday tonight,  his 23rd birthday celebration at CSC.  Joemar is one of our "institutions" at CSC!  He is a wonderful person who is always full of joy.  He operates at a cognitive level of about a 4-5 year old and has significant problems speaking,  but he understands well and has a special place in everyones heart because of the joy that he shares by just being JOEMAR!!
              I will try to BLOG again before I leave  here….I still have lots of stories to share! I will have more time to tell you some more stories in detail when I am in the USA! So don’t give up on my BLOG just because I won’t be here!
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