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I’m outta here!

August 13, 2007
              WOW…it’s time to leave.  I will be saying goodbye to the kids in just a few minutes.  I have already said goodby to the Teen Home Kids, the Teachers, my good friend and working companion Inday and some of the workers.   I hate goodbyes.   It has been a good term, lots of good things happened. But this will be the term that I will always remember as a time of some significant loss through deaths too.  My Mom died almost two years ago.  I was able to be at her side when she died and spent time with my family.  When I arrived back  in Cebu it was obvious our good friend Ron Duterte was dying here….Ron had battled cancer for a year.  Ron was our best friend here in Cebu, he is also the one who helped get CSC up and running back in our early years, he played a huge role in our lives here.  Not long after Ron died our beloved Luke died…we loved and lived with Luke for 23 years here at CSC.  All these losses were significant…and I still miss all three of these people. It seems as if they should all still be here…. But they are not.
               It has also been a wonderful time of living with, caring for and working with the wonderful kids  (and adults!) that God has blessed me with!  What an honor and privelege it is to help these kids along their way in life.  I will miss them.   I am thankful that we can communicate across the planet so easily  now.  I am looking forward to seeing my family….there are 4 more grand neices and nephews that have arrived since I have been in Minnesota!  I am looking forward to telling people about CSC; past, present and FUTURE!    BUT….now I have to say goodbye to about 60 kids… and it is not going to be easy.  Did I mention that I hate goodbyes?
               I love this little note that was written on the white board in my office…..  
               OOPS!  I will share the little note later!  I am having some computer troubles  here in my office, it won’t let me add photos!  I have been taking lots of photos!  So, I guess I will just be sharing them with you from Minnesota.  GOD BLESS!!!!
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