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August 31, 2007
I think that I am over much of my culture shock.  I have not burned myself with the HOT water for a few days now (no hot running water in Cebu). I have not sweat since I arrived (that is a constant in Cebu). I am enjoying driving here (not nearly as EXCITING as driving in Cebu though).  I know I "look like" I belong here,  but I do feel like I have to work to fit in.  I have accidentally spoken Cebuano to a few people…they look at me like I am from  Mars…..Cebu is way better than Mars.    I keep asking for "Coke Light" to drink at restaurants,  no one likes the word "diet" in Asia so there is no such thing as "Diet Coke",  it’s "Coke Light".  I have a garage door opener here….in Cebu it was a bunch of cute little neighborhood kids who would help me get in my gate!  I have not seen a rat or a cockroach here!   I  have not been woke up by roosters, honking horns, barking dogs or cat fights!   I have made sure to get as much kid time as I can – but miss being with those darling kids in Cebu.  All these blonde kids are great, but I can’t help thinking they look pale and sickly!  I miss the black hair and brown skin – luckily I have quite a few of those kids around as well.  Life is good.  I am looking forward to sharing with supporters, friends and supporters-to-be here! 
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