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Adoption is a wonderful thing

September 19, 2007
     There are lots of good things about being here in Minnesota; being with my wonderful family and sharing with old and new friends about CSC being two major ones. BUT, the experience here that helps me to be able to keep doing what I am doing in Cebu is seeing our CSC kids in their adoptive families.  What an honor and joy it is to see our CSC KIDS as members of their family here.  I have been able to see some kids when they arrive at the airport with their families and have been able to see the REUNIONS of CSC kids themselves here. I have already seen 21 CSC kids in their families and have plans to see lots more.  In the 28 years of our history over 100 CSC KIDS have found adoptive families here in Minnesota!  CSC really is a family, it is wonderful to see and be a part of these reunions!   I know that without seeing the "end product" of the adoption journey that I would not be able to continue to say goodbye to the kids as they leave CSC….there is life after CSC and it is GOOD!!! 
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