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SILENCE is not all it’s cracked up to be…..

October 8, 2007
     I know,  I am not doing so well on writing my BLOG.  I will try harder,
PROMISE!  I have decided that I will share stories from  my 28 years in Cebu.
I do have a few stories!   Stay tuned for them…..
     But,  tonight I was thinking about how different it is for me here in MN. 
In Cebu I am never alone really; when I am at CSC I am surrounded by
60 plus kids and at least 20 adults at any given moment. When I go home 
at night in Cebu there are neighborhood kids playing on the road just feet
from my bedroom window, there are neighbor houses so close that I can
hear people sneeze in three different houses! It is never quiet.  I have a
dog who barks when anyone walks by my gate (and that is VERY often),
and cats that seem to like to fight with all the neighborhood cats. In Cebu 
I can only dream of silence and how nice it would be to have it!  Here I 
find myself turning on the TV or CD player just to put an end to the SILENCE!! 
I  have found out that I don’t really like silence afterall.
      I am not home much,  I seem to notice  the silence only when I am
home.  I am living with my brother.  He leaves for work early in the morning,
I usually get home late at night,  so I don’t have much proof that  there is
actually another human body in the house.  I decided that I needed something 
ALIVE here,  so I bought some fish!!!  My other constant companion when I am
home is GUS, my brothers "personality plus" cat (Gus thinks he is a dog).  Gus
and the fish certainly don’t come near being a Filipino community, but I am glad
they are here!  
Now if could just teach them to sneeze or bark I would feel right at home……
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