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October 20, 2007
     I am enjoying my time here in MN.  I’ve been able to see many CSC KIDS in their families. I have attended volleyball games, soccer games and basketball games that CSC KIDS are participating in. I have listened to "the best thing about being adopted" and the "things I don’t like about being adopted" stories, I have answered many questions about how specific people are doing in Cebu and what the kids are busy doing there now. I have enjoyed STILL being a part of the kids lives as their parents share the joys and the tough times that have happened. I think that is the best part…being an ongoing part of their lives.
     All this to say that I enjoy being AUNTIE SANDY to the CSC KIDS…so much so that I remember lots of CUTE stories, and a few stories that may not be CUTE, but are memorable!
     Here is the first of "Aunties Sandy’s Stories"   
     Four year old "E" arrived at CSC on a tuesday.  She heard some of the other kids talking about going to Sunday School and became very excited.  She wanted to go to Sunday School too!  I assured her that she would be going to Sunday School on sunday, but it was a VERY long week for her to wait!  Sunday morning "E" was anxious to get all dressed up and could not wait to get out the door and on the way to Sunday School.  We were all so excited for her to be so excited to go to church!!!!   At the end
of Sunday School I went down to talk to "E".   She was sitting there looking very bored and dejected, she was not happy!   I asked her if she was okay, and why she was not waiting in class with the other kids?  She got teary eyed and told me that this "was not SA DISCO", there was no "loud music and dancing", she felt cheated.  Only then did I realize that poor little "E" had dreams of attending a DISCO….not Sunday School.   The Cebuano language uses the word "sa" to mean "to or at".  
Poor little "E" heard and  understood the other kids to be saying "SA DISCO" (to the Disco dance) when they were in fact saying "Sunday School"…she was very dissappointed to say the least!  We never did convince "E" to enjoy Sunday School very much….nor did she ever get "sa Disco" while she lived at CSC.
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