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A great weekend

October 30, 2007
     EARLY friday morning I flew to Vancouver, BC., Canada for a wonderful experience!  As many of you know, one of our CSC KIDS is attending college near Vancouver, BC.. Kirk has been there since the end of August and this was Parents Weekend.  The family that sponsors Kirk at college brought me along as a surprize to help Kirk to celebrate the weekend. It was great! Kirk was surprized to see his Auntie Sandy.  What a blessing to see what God is doing in this young man’s heart and mind. Kirk has had a tough life,  he has lived at CSC since he was 9 years old, he is 20 now.  Kirk has battled with feelings of insecurity over the  years but we have seen him mature and develop into a wonderful young  man who is seeking the Lord for answers to his questions about his future as well as his past. Kirk will make it.  He is doing exceptionally well academically – we knew he would!  He is meeting people and making friends. He is blessed, and he is a blessing.  We had hoped that Kirk could attend college in Minnesota, but the USA denied him a VISA.  Canada certainly knew what they were doing when they allowed this wonderful young man to be admitted to Canada, it is their gain and the USA’s loss!  It is obvious that he is where God wants him though,  the people that work with the international students at the college are wonderful and have already grown to love Kirk.  He has a couple that live only 30 minutes away that have been his Foster Friends for years! He is able to spend weekends and holidays with them!  God is taking care of Kirk, by using HIS PEOPLE both in Canada and the USA.  What an honor it is to see God working in the life of Kirk! He will make a difference in the world we are sure!!
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