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Winter and Stuff

December 4, 2007
     Well….I got my wish.  WINTER arrived on saturday.  Our first real snowfall, I loved it.  I went over to play in the snow with some of my grand nieces and nephews – photos to prove it are included! 
      I have been a bit frustrated lately that there are not enough formal opportunities to tell people about CSC…but  God keeps reminding me that he is in control and that He will bring the people to me that He wants me to talk to.  I have been able to share with quite a few people about CSC; but recently the people that God has been bringing before me are CSC KIDS that are now adults (or at least close)  and still interested in a few words of encouragement or my perspective on something that is happening in their lives.  I love that.  I have been invited to weddings, told of upcoming births, heard about broken ankles, the sad news of a miscarraige, sometimes just a little venting about what is bugging them in life. A few CSC kids have found CSC on the internet and have been in contact with some of us after years and  years of not having any contact at all.  What a joy it has been to learn  what is going on in their lives.  I guess I will be happy with who God is bringing into my life for the time being,  But hey…..let me know if you would like to hear anything about CSC!!!
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