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December 18, 2007
      Life is good.   I am enjoying the REAL WINTER that Minnesota is offering me, and accepting the "blame" that others are placing on me for the "REAL WINTER" that Minnesota is offering them! It is beautiful, but still too cold to make a snowman. For those of you who are not "winter wise" – it has to be right near freezing temps for the snow to be good for making snowmen, the temps here have been way below that! (I guess I need to be more specific in my prayers for a Minnesota winter….I don’t need it this cold!!!)  I am excited for a WHITE CHRISTMAS,  and I don’t even have to be dreaming this year.
      I am sad to be missing the Christmas activity in Cebu.  There is much going on there these days.  Victor will be arriving in Minnesota this week! He is already 16 years old but his adoption paperwork was signed in time for him to be adopted at the very last possible moment. GOD IS GOOD.  All of our prayers have been answered for  our sibling group of five; Angie, Neil, Michael Angelo, Paul and Crezillah will arrive home in the USA with their adoptive family just in time for Christmas as well.  It is hard for me to imagine CSC without these kids but I am consoling myself with the fact that I will be able to see them all here in the USA.  New kids are coming to CSC as well…I am already anxious to meet them!  Life goes on quickly at CSC, this fact is what makes life there so exciting.   Christmas at CSC is an amazing time.  Many of the kids are celebrating a REAL CHRISTMAS for the first time (a Christian Christmas).  We make sure they know what Christmas is all about – Jesus’s birth and life.  Santa does arrive as well…and the first thing the kids want to do is figure out who Santa is this year (usually easily surmised by figuring out which visitor is now missing). We have special meals with the kids and simply enjoy watching them enjoy the Season.  I will let those in Cebu now give the details!!!
       It is an honor and privelege to be spending Christmas with my family here in Minnesota too…I am getting in on cookie baking, having people over for meals, decorating for Christmas, playing in the snow, shopping, watching football games (GO VIKINGS) and simply enjoying the family that God has blessed me with!  We are having our big SWANSON CHRISTMAS later in January, we have to rent a church gym and kitchen to get a place big enough for us all to fit in! I have 22 grand nieces and nephews (and they are all as cute as CSC KIDS!)  It is a wonderful thing to share Christmas with kids…no matter where in the world I am.
       I wish each of you a blessed Christmas; enjoy your family, enjoy what God has blessed you with and always remember those who could use a little help from you to enjoy their Christmas a little more! AND NEVER FORGET THAT CHRIST REMAINS IN CHRISTMAS….no matter how many "Happy Holidays" your see out there!
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