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January 8, 2008
     I have had a wonderful series of Christmas, New Years and Birthday events.  It is a blessing to have family and friends! We need to appreciate the blessings God gives us because this life we live goes by so fast!  I had older people tell me this all my life, it is a little scary to now be the "older person" telling the young ones the same thing. But with age comes WISDOM…and now I know what those "old people" were telling me was true!  I guess a birthday always reminds us of that fact huh?
     I am happy that Marlys, Amy, Tammy  and Inday have been keeping me up to date on all the happenings in Cebu.  So many new kids have arrived just since I left there in August, 15 to be exact!  I am anxious to meet them personally, but for now am doing my best to get to know them through photos and stories. Lots of kids have left too,  some have returned to their birth family and some have left for adoption. The thing that you can count on at CSC is change, and change is good.  When I get back there will even be two new buildings to fill up and use!
      I hope you have all heard that  God, through HIS people, has blessed us with meeting our budget for 2007!  It seems we always have to worry that our budget will not be met, we worry and fret, we wonder what it is that God has in mind for us……but we always learn in the end that HE just wants us to keep doing what we are doing and that HE will take care of the details (like money).  I wonder how old we have to be before we are WISE enough to stop the "worry and fret" and learn to just DO, and leave it to God take care of all the rest?  I’m learning, but obviously could use a few more years to add to my WISDOM.
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