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January 23, 2008
     It is cold….way too cold.  I have had trouble remembering to wear a coat.  My car is parked in an attached garage so I often just go out and get in my car, not realizing that I did not put on a coat until I get out of my car at my destination. I am remembering to wear a coat now though!!!   Oh my…it is so cold it hurts.  I do have to admit that all of the white frozen snow and ice are beautiful though…too bad it is too cold to take photos!!  There have been a couple days in the last couple of weeks that Minnesota literally was the coldest spot on earth.  Not something to be proud of in my opinion.  I have learned to wear a coat though….so at least something good has come from it.   I hope that we go back to the "warm" 20 degree temps of a Minnesota winter soon.
     During all this cold weather I  have also been reminded of the blessing of health..and life!  Two people very close to me went through "cancer scares".  Praise the Lord that today both are cancer free after surgeries. Another friend contracted a serious illness and ended up in critical condition in an ICU. He is now recuperating at home too. Three of my Mom’s good buddies (80 plus year old folks) have fallen and hurt themselves. I could mention quite a few more but I think you get the idea. We simply cannot take our health for granted.  I also was reminded of what a blessing LIFE can be.  We had our Swanson Christmas party last week (we are a slow family…..).  This was our first party as a whole group without our Mom,  she died just over two years ago.  I know that she would have loved seeing her kids, grandkids and her 22 great grandchildren all together and having a wonderful time just enjoying being together. I know I enjoyed it.
      CSC is now experiencing "cold" weather and health/life blessings too.  It is the coldest  time in Cebu now….gee, some nights it may get down to as low as 70 degrees!!!   Lavinia and Jovan have both been seriously ill in the hospital, but both are now home at CSC recuperating.  Good to know that some things are the same here and there! Well…..sort of!
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  1. account deleted permalink
    January 28, 2008 9:51 am

    40 degrees tomorrow they say! : )

  2. Mark permalink
    January 29, 2008 3:13 am

    The warmer weather will come . . .  eventually.  We look forward to seeing you in April at the banquet when I suspect (and hope) it will be a bit warmer!
    Mark, Jackie, Jonah, Eli & Elizabeth Bourassa
    Bluffton, OH

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