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February 7, 2008
     I often get asked that question, what do I do?  Sometimes the question is  "what do you do in a normal day"?  I always have to laugh at these questions because there is not really a NORMAL day to write about.  Each day in Cebu is different from any other it seems,  and that is proving to be true here in Minnesota as well.  I do finally feel like I am HERE though,  that is good, my furlough is half over already.  I am enjoying the winter and am used to being in a constant state of shivering. I don’t burn myself on the hot water any more.  I am used to doing all the household chores that I don’t have to do in Cebu (we all have household help there!) I sleep a bit more here!  I think that I am caught up on sleep now!  I miss having kids around ALL the time.  I remember to ask for "Diet Coke" as opposed to "Coke Light" about 90% of the time now.  But…..what do I do?  There is no "normal day" here either… I will just tell you what I am doing today I guess.  I am working on packing a couple of suitcases that will go to Cebu next week.  A workteam that is going to CSC offered to bring some things for me.  One of the suitcases will be things I have  bought and/or collected for the kids while I have been here, toys, games, clothes, etc.   The other suitcase will be personal stuff.  I have lots of stuff to go through – I could fill about four suitcases more.  Oh my. What a blessing to have this opportunity to get things to Cebu though!  Thanks Ben!  I have already been in contact with Cebu via e-mail this morning.  I am working on writing the FRONTLINE PRAYER LETTER so am gathering prayer requests from my fellow staff members. Chicken Pox seems to be the big event at CSC at the moment!  I got caught up on what is happening with my home in Cebu, what needs to be repaired and what is happening in my neighborhood.  I have e-mailed and/or instant messaged with a couple of CSC KIDS that have "found" CSC again.  These "kids" are both adults now.  We had lost track of them but they found us on the internet…..I am getting caught up on their lives and getting them caught up on CSC!  What a joy!  They are hoping to come to the Banquet in April.  I am speaking at a Church on sunday so I am working on specifics of what I will tell them!  I have way more than the normal THREE MINUTES at this church!  I  NEED to do some reading; I  have some good books on attachment issues with kids and some counseling and play therapy skills that will help me to help the kids more when I return to Cebu.  I am in the process of going through my photos…what to delete..what to print..what to just save on a CD.  I am in contact with a couple adoptive families that are dealing with a few issues with their "darling CSC KIDS",  just helping them understand some cultural issues and giving them a chance to tell me what is happening TODAY.  Obviously my computer is my link to my life in Cebu…what did we do before we had computers?  I don’t want to think about it. Lots more little things like the above to do today..also have to do some laundry, errands and catch up on my mail – I was gone all last week so have lots of that stuff to catch up on!  I would love to go out for lunch with someone, but have not found anyone available yet.  I need to get caught up on some family happenings! And….if I still have some moments at the end of my day I will spend some time on my new hobby…making window clings and "stained glass" windows.  Tomorrow…now that will be a whole different day filled with different things to do! 
Watch for a new photo album….I am hoping to put up some photos of "my life in MN" today too!
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  1. Kimberly Ann Arthur permalink
    February 9, 2008 6:14 pm

    Hi Sandy! I hope this finds you doing very well!

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