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I’m going to get UNTHAWED

February 29, 2008
     I know that I write about the cold weather every time I write, but……here are a few more cold weather stories!  Recently I was scheduled to travel about 150 miles north to speak at a church.     It turned out to be one of the coldest nights of the year,  the predicted 45 degrees below zero (windchill) temps were met…..and exceeded to be honest.  Thankfully my hosts found a protected garage for my car to spend the night, I was concerned that it may not start in the morning!  I lived through the experience and people even showed up at Church in the morning despite the cold weather (we Minnesotans are tough!).  On my drive home I stopped to get something to drink at a fast food restaurant.  Coming back out to the car I was fumbling with getting the car door opened (my hands were already feeling frozen in the moments I walked to the car!)  I dropped the keys…put the drink on the roof of my car to reach under the car where the keys had slid to.  When I finally did get the car door open I grabbed the drink, but my hands slipped and the drink tipped over.  What amazed me was the FACT that the drink froze solid on the top of the car and the windshield…it froze in literal seconds.  None of the drink made it to the ground or even to the hood of the car.  That is cold.   I also learned that storing our canned soft drinks in the garage at home does not work in the winter,  one evening I heard noises in the garage and went to see what was happening. It was as if there was a little war going on out there!  Frozen cans of soft drinks were exploding all over the place…it did look like a war zone.   The joys of winter in MN.  I keep thinking of Cebu….it hardly ever gets below 70 degrees there, the tropical heat certainly gets overwhelming at times. How is it that I chose to live in two places with opposite extremes of temperature?  I have repeatedly spoke of the fact that I do miss winter and that I was hoping and praying for a "GOOD OLD MINNESOTA WINTER" while I was here.  I got it…I am ready for it to be over!!!  I am going to Arizona next week!     Years ago Marlys and I were talking with a visitor in Cebu.  One of us used the word "unthawed" when we were talking about getting something out of the freezer to prepare for dinner. The visitor rolled their eyes and said "you must be from Minnesota, only Minnesotan’s say "unthawed" " We thought about the word "unthawed"  and realized that it was incorrect usage and admitted that YES, lots of people use it in Minnesota.  But not us anymore!! I thought that it was appropriate to resurrect the word for for this story though……I am going to Arizona to be "UNTHAWED" from this Minnesota winter!   I will let you know how the process went when I get back.                                                                         
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