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Life in Minnesota

March 25, 2008
     I did get "unthawed" in Arizona. I had a wonderful and relaxing time.  I got to see wild burro’s out in the desert but the real memory of the trip was that my brother accidentally fell into our swimming pool…poor guy will not be able to put that behind  him for awhile,  some of the family composed a song about the experience! It was a wonderful experience.  
     Here in MN there are signs that spring is on the way too…so there is hope!
     I have kept myself busy with lots of things lately. I have been doing presentations most weekends and have collected a whole library of books that I am reading and deciding what to take from each book that can help me deal with all the issues that I will deal with back in Cebu.  I miss having the daily contact with the kids and just being "Auntie Sandy".  I still spend time each day in contact with prospective adoptive families,  CSC families and kids (many of them adults now) and kids and co-workers in Cebu.  I feel like so much goes on that I am missing out on in Cebu…guess I feel that way because it is a fact!  There is just too much going on there to be communicated. CSC in Cebu is an exciting place! I spend time with my family too, I have those 22 wonderful grand neices and nephews to keep me in my "Auntie Sandy" mode.  I am looking around at houses to buy, that is fun.  I am keeping myself in check though because I have to sell a house before I can buy one.  Anyone interested in a wonderful condo in Coon Rapids? 
     Thanks for reading my blog!!  I promise the stories will get a bit more exciting when I am back in Cebu and have all those wonderful kids to write about!
     The annual CSC Banquet is April 12th….I am looking forward to that and hope that many of you can come as well.  Let our CSC OFFICE in CAMBRIDGE know if you can join us! 
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