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April 21, 2008
      I know….I am really late.  Today is the first day since the Banquet that I have had some time to really sit down and write though. The Banquet was wonderful! It is such a blessing to actually see so many people in one place who are there for one thing – CSC.  It was fun to set some records of course but the best part for me is just seeing all the Kids in their families!  It is a joy to see the JOY in the CSC KIDS faces as they see each other as well. Many of "our kids" are now adults, but they still come to the Banquet! Paul’s video tribute to me was a huge shock and surprise..Thanks Paul.  I stayed at the Hotel where the adoptive families stayed, it was fun to open my Hotel room door and see some darling CSC KIDS out there!  Hanging out poolside was the time to catch up on all that has been going on in some of the families lives.
      Lynn Burke Greene stayed for a few days after the Banquet. It was fun to have her around!  Since then I have done some traveling for a surprise birthday party for a friend and a CSC presentation. Today I am staying home and maybe even get caught up on some "chores" that have not been done.  That sounds a bit boring…I may have to find something more exciting to do.
      I am packing some things for my return to Cebu now…getting organized as to what goes with me, what gets packed away here and what I can simply do without. I don’t like the whole packing thing, but it is part of life when you have two homes across the globe from each other.  I am pleased that I am not in Cebu right now though, it is hot season there!  April and May are simply too hot there, so I am especially enjoying this Minnesota spring!  There are over 20 new kids at CSC since I left there! I am looking forward to meeting all of them in August when I return!
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