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Don’t give up on me!

July 6, 2008
I am still here in Minnesota and still busy doing some cool things, but I am just not writing about many of them!!  I am enjoying my family, but they likely would not like an accounting of our family get togethers here!    I am in contact with lots of adoptive families and have lots of stories about them too, but….it is not my place to write about THEIR stories here and now.  I get to talk to families who are interested in adoption as well!  I get lots of chances to tell people about CSC, that is a blessing!   There seems to be something about CSC that people love, something about us that makes them feel personal "ownership" in a way.  I love that.  I know that CSC would not be what it is today without the thousands of people all over the world who feel that they are an integral part of CSC because of their prayers and finances…they are the people who impress me.  Once someone has been to CSC I can certainly understand why they love it, but those who only have heard the stories and seen the pictures and are totally committed to us are my heroes!   I am happy to be meeting many of them!
THANKS TO ALL MY HEROES OUT THERE……..Thanks to all of you who have visited as well!!!
I will be returning to Cebu next month,  I will have lots of stories to share with you then!
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