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August 26, 2008
I am in Cebu!  What an experience to come into the gate and see the beautiful compound and have all the kids there to greet me!  I got just as much attention and love from the NEW kids as I did from the OLD kids….could be the OLD kids told the NEW kids that Auntie Sandy takes kids shopping and I have lots of fun stuff in my office ( I love to have visitors there!).   But…I will just think that they were simply happy to see me!!  I was happy to see that CSC has kept up our practice of only admitting cute kids.  What a blessing it is to see the new buildings going up!   I am really looking forward to all the storage space that we will have…my little office is full of God’s blessing for CSC now!  I have to get that cleaned out so the kids can come and visit me there! 
I have moved back into my house and am getting moved back into my office, there are still a million things to catch up on.  I feel like I am over my jet lag now…(my sunday afternoon "nap" lasted until 11:30 PM though…that did not help with the adjustment process! I will be getting my computers set up and will be getting totally back into life here in a few days.  I will get back into updates here and expect lots of pictures of lots of cute kids!
Thanks for hanging in there with me over my year in the States!
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