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Kids say the craziest things…..

September 7, 2008
     I have been back here for 2 weeks now…16 days to be exact.  I love looking out my office window at all those CUTE kids playing in our yard, it is a blessing and a joy that I do not take for granted.  I know all the new kids now, okay I have to admit here that I have a bit of trouble telling two of the older boys apart at times, and I am not always sure which twin is which of our four sets of  toddler and infant twins…but I have everyone else  down well!  I have spent lots of time talking with our counselors to catch up on the emotional health and well being of our kids; have met with the houseparents and got the low-down on who behaves and who does not (most of them obey!)  We have had staff meetings and I have been able to take a quite a few kids out for lunch.  I am moved back into my home and into my office.  We have had two sets of RETURNEE’S here in the last two weeks,  two adult CSC kids from France are here visiting,  and a family of nine (five of them are adult and teen CSC kids) are here from New Zealand.  It was a sweet pleasure for us to receive a heartfelt "thank you for giving me my wife" from the New Zealand husbands of two of our CSC darlings, now grown women.   It is good to be back.
     The kids we have right now seem to be a good group,  no huge problems, just enough to make us know we are needed.  We have a huge group of toddlers now, they have kind of taken over at the Cherne home actually!  One of our toddlers is a  2 1/2 year old  boy named Justin,  he is a beautiful and happy little guy who speaks very well.  He is almost always the first to greet everyone, and is also one of  those that will be screaming "goodbye Auntie Sandy" when I leave.   Often times there is an "ayaw goodbye" (don’t goodbye) thrown in there too.  I really had to laugh at him the other day though.   I walked into his house, he was sitting in the high chair eating, but he greeted me very enthusiastically!  I walked into the bathroom and then went back outside to spend some time with the kids in the playground.  About 30 minutes later Justin comes running outside, runs across the playground to me and loudly, and very seriously, asks me if I was done "pooping" in the bathroom!  There are no secrets in this country,  it is not uncommon for someone get up from the dinner table and announce that they are going to go to the bathroom…and tell what they are going to do. So, Justin was politically correct in this country…but I laughed very hard at, and with him.  What a cutie!
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