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An evening well spent…

September 10, 2008
     The staff of CSC all take turns being on duty in the kids homes during the evening of the houseparents day off.  Tonight was my night to be at one of the homes.  I  started out visiting the nursery…the babies and toddlers there were suppossed to be going to sleep so my time there was short, none of them appeared very tired though –  see what you think in the photos of the "boys in red"  above and below!   When supper was over the kids and I all went upstairs. I think that I read about 15 books to the little ones,  listened to a few books read to me, had about 30  separate conversations,  listened to numerous kids practicing the guitar,  heard explantions of about 10 "artists drawings", helped with homework, settled a couple of altercations between some very active little boys and corraled a couple of kids who were convinced that they were going be sneaky and stay up just a little bit later than their scheduled bed time (possible to do at times in a house full of kids with different bed times !)  The kids love having the staff at their home for an evening.  When they know that their houseparents are on their day off the question we get all day long is  "are you on duty tonight"?  Bed time always come quickly with all that is going on.  It is always funny how so many kids all of the sudden "remember" that they had not brushed their teeth,  or that they are all of the sudden VERY thirsty or have to go to the bathroom NOW when it is time for them to go to bed. Some things are the same the world over!  Our evening duties make for some long days at times but it is always time well spent.  We always leave there feeling just a little bit more loved and appreciated, tonight was no exception for me.  One of the best parts of the whole evening is praying with the kids as they go to bed.  Some of them like us to pray for them, some of them want to pray themselves.  It is always an emotional time listening to the kids pray. We hear lots of the normal kids prayers;  God bless everyone (sometimes by name!!),  help me to obey,  thank you for our food/house/school/aunties/uncles etc.,  help me to be good…..  But we also always hear a  specific prayer that tugs at my heart everytime I hear it;  that specific prayer is  "please God, give me a Mommy and a Daddy".   It seems so wrong to me that these darling little children have to be asking God for something that every child should have without having to ask.  But, we live in an imperfect world, there are millions of children in this world that do not have a mommy and a daddy to care for them.  Some of the children of the world don’t even know they have a God to pray to.  I am humbled and blessed and honored to hear these prayers and to be able to add to them myself. And….to be here to see those prayers answered!
Here are some of the rest of the darlings I spent my evening with – each group is of kids that share a room with each other.
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