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God is good

October 11, 2008
      There  has been lots going on here…too many things to write about actually.   I have been writing reports; I write monthly reports on each of our 78 kids. Some how, I am already behind on my report writing…and I have not even been back for two months!  I’m quick at getting behind I guess.  It was the week to write Frontline and also time to do Kids Korner for the newsletter.  So I have been sitting at my computer quite a bit. 
     We have lots going on with some of of our CSC Kids that have "left the nest" so to speak. I have spent  many hours dealing with 3 of them this week.    These are kids that have grown up (hmmmmm…I guess the problem may actually be that they did not grow up !) and left our care…but do keep coming back!  Most of the time I am glad they do come back.     
      Lots of meetings this week too,  I meet with the house parents of each house every other week,  we discuss each individual child with Amy and the Counselors.  We had a few unplanned meetings with various people to deal with STUFF that came up and a couple more planned meetings just to keep us all up to date on what is going on. 
     I am trying to get organized enough to be gone for a week – that does take organization.  Monday I will be taking 3 of our kids to Manila for them to have their Visa medical appointment and their Embassy visit for adoption. It is looking like we will have to be there all week!  It will be a long time to spend in that big, dirty and crowded city, but we will make the most of it!  I need to pack too… 
     Lots of every day stuff too….observing and talking to the kids (so I have something to write in those reports that I need to do.)   I usually have  some errand to get something that is needed (this week the big NEED was yoyo’s and rubix cubes – the stores love to see me coming). Taking kids out for lunch is an important part of my job too! 
      I love keeping up to date with family and friends via e-mail, so spend some time each morning and evening doing that.   I was recently convinced to join Facebook as well.  HA, still can’t believe I did that, but it is amazing how many CSC kids and families are there!  Seems like the days get filled. 
     I do love what I do.  Some days I would rather just rewind and start over again.  But for the most part my "job" here remains challenging and fullfilling.  I really don’t even think of what I do as a job, it is just my life.  And I have a wonderful life!  God is good. Even when "things" are not.
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  1. Roland permalink
    October 12, 2008 11:00 am

    We appreciate your updates and pictures and praise God for the loving care that you and the other staff are giving the children.Lord willing, we will be adopting two of your little ones soon. Please pray that God would provide the necessary finances and that immigration would go through quickly. May God richly bless your ministry.

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