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October 26, 2008
     The two big events here recently have been United Nations day at school and Jeneviev’s recital. They have already been the subject of other staff member’s blogs, but I am going to talk about them anyway! I will include a few of my favorite photos as well…
      It was fun to see the kids at the UN day celebration, but I had just as much fun watching the teachers!  We have some very dedicated teachers at our school, they really are there for the kids.  What a blessing they are! 
       Jeneviev’s recital was an amazing reminder to me of the potential that is often hidden in the children that come to our home. She has only been playing piano and flute for a year!  She sounded and acted  like a professional to me. It was impressed upon me that we need to give our kids every chance possible to allow them to reach the full potential that they have.  What a responsiblity that is.
     It was a blessing to have some of Jeneviev’s birth family present  to see her musical achievements as well. They were overwhelmed by the fact that this young lady that spent her first 13 years of life under their care was able to achieve what she did last night.  We know that they need much credit for helping Jeneviev to be the young lady that we see at CSC today.  
      We  have a visitor here that needs to learn all about CSC and Cebu in two short weeks; we are getting final paperwork done for four kids that are ready to leave our care; we are looking at our list of referrals to see who to admit to take their places; we are preparing for more visitors coming – november will be a busy month at CSC.  And, we have almost 80 kids in our care 24/7.  I guess this is why I have trouble writing in my Blog every week…it is certainly not because there is nothing to write about!
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