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Thats what we are here for…..

November 6, 2008
    We always have a list of kids that need CSC….or at least kids that someone thinks need us. Our "referral" list.  It is not easy to have a few pages of information on a child or a sibling group and have to decide which kid(s) are the ones that we choose to admit.  We know that coming to CSC will be a life changing event for them.  If they do not come to CSC chances are that they will be passed to some relative that may not be very excited about their coming. Or possibly to another child caring agency – and most of the other child caring agencies do not do adoption.  We of course have to have room for the kids that come, but more than that we need to choose the kids that need us the most. Kids that really are left with no hope for a future if we do not take them in.  Even with this seemingly stringent rule for admitting kids we still have to make choices, there are many kids who would be helped by CSC…but who needs us the most?  We also have to consider the "adoptability" of the kids we admit. But the "problem" there is that we think they all are adoptable. That is why we have a sibling group of 9,  a sibling group with a 17 year old and a sibling group that have significant academic challenges!  They are all adoptable.  God just has to let the right parents know!
     This  "who to admit" decision was recently made.  We admitted Anderson, Gibbie and Joselito;  3 brothers ages 13, 12, and 9.  These boys have lived a life of poverty. Anderson at age 13 has only completed grade 1 in school, Gibbie and Joselito have had very little formal schooling at all.  They did grow up with a mom and dad who loved them though, that is obvious.  The boys mother died fairly recently, and then their father had a stroke.   There are no extended family members that can help the family.  They spent many nights all curled together in an abandoned car to keep safe and dry.  One of the boys told our counselor of having to "run for his life" from some drug addicts.  The stories are already pouring out of them it seems.  One of them asked if we have "stories about Jesus" here,  and if we knew the story about Jonah and the whale.  What a blessing to know that these boys have been told about Jesus! It makes it much easier for us to explain to them how they ended up at CSC and that we have already placed their future in God’s hands.
     Every time a new child comes to CSC I am blessed and honored to be a part of giving them the opportunity to have a future…a future that didn’t look possible for them just a short time ago.  I am thankful to all of our supporters that make it possible for us to continue to bring kids in!  And most of all I am thankful to God for putting everything in place for CSC to be here for the kids that need us.  Because…that is what we are here for!
 Anderson, Joselito and Gibbie
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