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November 25, 2008
     In my last Blog I wrote about kids coming to CSC,  (by the way Anderson, Gibbie and Joselito are doing great, so are the two new babies  – Emily and Nino)  Arrivals are always exciting, There is a process to it all; prayer, pleas for wisdom and discernment, contemplation,  and finally a decision.   But that is just the beginning really.  Recently we have been looking closely at the status of our kids…their "adoptablity quotient" so to speak!  Their reason to leave CSC.  Most of our kids are adoptable…we have 14 singles and 16 sibling groups ranging from 2 to 9 kids in each group who are all adoptable!  But there are four sibling groups that seem to be grabbing at our heartstrings more with each passing day.  We hear about people who are interested in our kids frequently, sometimes the "interest" is genuine and followed up on, sometimes the initial excitement evaporates and we are left wondering what happened. We can’t understand why there are not  people fighting over our kids to be honest! That is where we find ourselves with these four groups. 
      Our one and only sibling group of nine has been with us for just under two years, seven girls and two boys, ages 16 to 3. These kids are well behaved and loving. Of course there are some issues that come up in   their behavior, but nothing too serious!  One is a budding beautitian I guess…at least she recently did some hair cuts for a sister and friend,  hmmmmm…  They are all doing well in counseling; dealing with past hurts, memories and misconceptions.  We certainly plan to keep these nine together and have less than two years to find a family for all nine…once the eldest turns 18 she will not be able to be adopted at all. We are already praying for the family that will adopt them…so are the kids.
      We have a sibling group of six,  two girls and four boys, ages 15 to 7.  They have been with us almost four years….it is getting tough for them to see so many kids who came after them get adopted and leave – and they are still here.  Hard stuff for kids.  These six are great kids as well (you may have noticed that I think all CSC kids are great.  But….they are!!!)  I guess the politically correct terminology here would be to tell you that these kids are all vertically challenged! Three have been or are receiving growth hormone injections daily to help them grow, they are growing!  Academics are difficult for this sibling group overall, but all are progressing – only one still has major academic concerns and another one is now doing age appropriate work in school.  Behavior concerns are minimal with these kids, some self identity issues and low self esteem are their major concerns. They are now the kids that have been with us the longest…it is hard to keep telling them to "just keep praying" for a mom and dad…they have been praying much longer than all the others. It is hard to convince them that they are worthy of a family.  But, we believe that God is preparing that family right now!  We just wish God would tell that family to talk to us!!!
      The group that has the major time factor concern is a group of four.   Three boys and one girl, ages 17 to almost 2.   The oldest, a boy,  will be 18 in June of 2009 – that would end the adoption dream for him.  This sibling group has been through much together. The death of both parents within months of each other and survival on their own for another few months being the two most significant things.  They only came to live with us less than one year ago.  We can’t imagine the three little ones being adopted and leaving their big brother behind.   We need a miracle though!  Pray for those who are now considering possible adoption of this group! Time is running out.
      There is another sibling group of four that are tugging at our hearts as well. Two boys and two girls, ages 14 to 8.  These darlings have been with us for about 2 1/2 years, so they have also seen lots of kids come and go during their time with us. These are kind and affectionate kids.  They all have difficulty with academics but are all progressing at our Children of Hope School. Low self esteem and overcoming trauma and memories from their past are being dealt with in counseling and through our assurances of our love for and committment to them.  Progress has been excellent, they are all different kids than they were on arrival. They deserve a family too.  
       Kids arrival at CSC entails much work and prayer….but it pales in comparison to the work and prayer that have gone into these four groups in preparation and hopes for their leaving!  We want to be able to tell them that someone wants them! We want them to KNOW that someone is willing to give them the second chance at a family that they deserve.  We just need to find those families – or they need to find us!   Pray with us that all four of these groups will be given the desires of their hearts….a family.  CSC’s motto of "Every child deserves a family" is a fact, but these four groups do not believe that yet….pray that they will have reason to believe!
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