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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

December 13, 2008

      Well, I guess that might depend on what you think Christmas looks like. We are getting ready though. It is exciting to share Christmas with the kids, we make sure they know that we are celebrating the birth of Christ but we also try to have some fun traditions that the kids can remember from year to year and have fun memories to bring with them when they leave. We have already had our Outreach Christmas party. This is an annual event for all the CSC KIDS who have returned to their birth familes to live. Many of these "kids" are now adults and bring their own family with them to this party. We have also already had our workers Christmas party – this is a time when all the workers gather together for a night of food, fun, gifts and a bit of craziness too (the American Staff all are on duty with the kids.) Some of the CSC kids have made Christmas lists – we will be shopping for everyone in a few days.

     We are collecting money for a needy family that will have nothing for Christmas without some kind of intervention…our current CSC kids are going to be that intervention! They are taking money out of their "bank accounts" fast and furious to help this family. It is wonderful to see our kids happily give of the little cash that they do have to help out this family. It is understandable though too – our kids remember what is was like to live with no hope and no one to help them. We have one more week of collecting money for this, and will bring all the kids to deliver what we are able to buy with the money they have collected. I am so proud of the kids! I hope that this will be a memory that they can bring with them when they leave us…that the gift of giving is way better than having to worry about what gift will come their way or who will get what. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

      I will add some photos as soon as I can figure out how to do it!!

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