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January 1, 2009
    We just brought in the New Year – two hours ago already!   New Years is celebrated with fire works here, lots of nice "in the sky" stuff but lots of just NOISE as well.  The  American staff and  our house parents all went up on our hill with the kids to watch the fireworks around midnight.  It is so loud that no one can sleep.  All but 5 kids were awake through the New Year celebrations!  I sat with Wilmar while we watched the fireworks.   Wilmar never sits on anyones lap too long…too much to do in life.  But he was stuck to my lap for more than 30 minutes while we watched and listened to all the fireworks going off all over the city.   He was obviously a bit fearful but enthralled as well.  I kept telling him that all that "in the sky" stuff was "fire works"…the other kids were all yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR and blowing horns.  Finally Wilmar figured out a way to bring all the excitement together…he started yelling "Happy Fire"  to everyone!  It did sum up the event!   We were all happy to be together watching the fireworks!  Thanks Wilmar!
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