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Tomorrow has to be better

January 6, 2009
       I did not have a good day today.   I spent the first 6 hours of my day trying to renew my drivers license.  You cannot imagine….literally smashed up against people the whole time.  There is simply a lack of organization and there were simply too many people.  It was a nightmare.  HOT, constant "flows" of one group of people going one direction while another group is trying to "flow" the opposite way…and lots of people in the middle who are trying to stay where they are waiting for their name to be called.  There were a couple of times that I was thinking that bursting into tears would be the only thing that I could possibly do.  Lucky that I am at least taller than most of the people here….I would have fainted if I had been any lower in that crowd.  Oh my, it was bad.   I am talking LITERALLY being smashed up against a moving and flowing mass of people for 6 hours!  AND…I am not done.  I have to go back!!!!     I was happy to leave though!   But, then I got to be stuck in traffic for two hours…making me wonder why in the world I even want to drive here????   And then I got to spend the last four hours of my working day today with one very, mad, sad and mixed up ex-CSC kid (adult).  I am hoping that was the best part of my day…we will see what decisions are made on that discussion tomorrow.   So it is nice to be home tonight…and I am looking forward to a much better day tomorrow!   I am looking forward to a normal day in my office and with the kids we have now….of course I still do have to go back and finish renewing my  drivers license too….BUT NOT TOMORROW!
       I have lots of photos to add one of these days too!
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