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January 19, 2009
     I guess that my New Years resolution of writing a Blog once a week kind of fell by the wayside….and fast.  I am still going to try to AVERAGE one Blog a week though…there is hope of resurrection of my resolution!
     I was on duty at one of the homes tonight and found myself face to face with the perfect thing to Blog about.  JOEMAR.  Joemar has lived at CSC for over 23 years!  He is 32 years old.  Joemar came to CSC from a neighboring island  because his mother was unable to care for him, actually she was not even able to care for herself. Joe arrived with a huge scar on his head and a story about being hit by a motorcycle and side car.  Joe is actually one of the coolest, and happiest people that I know.  The fact that he operates at the level of  a 5-6 year old is certainly secondary to his wonderful personality and his joy for life.  
     Joemar is my shadow much of the time.  He loves to help me in my office, he sweeps the floor and cleans the windows and I keep him supplied with Coke and an occassional meal out.  We both like the arrangement. He likes to hang out in my office drawing, writing his name and doing puzzles..he is quite good at puzzles!   He works at McDonalds three half days a week.  He carries peoples trays for them, cleans tables and mops up spills. McDonalds has been great for him (except for the fact that they quit paying him…anyone out there have any clout with McDonalds?) He also works up at our school a couple days a week.  He helps the cleaners at school.  He helps with dishes in the home and is the best "watcher" that Wilmar has ever had!  Marlys and I both like to bring Joemar with us on shopping excursions, he is a great help! Joemar did have a little room of his own above our garage for a few years but we found that he was doing some experimenting with electricity and was spending too much time he moved back into the Eicher Home where he had lived when he first came to live at CSC.  He still has his own room there and it has proved to be a good thing from him to be more involved with the Eicher home family.   He is currently very anxious for the new house to be done – actually he has been anxious for it to be done since ground breaking!  Joemar has no concept of time….so why the house is not done when he awakes every morning is a bit of a puzzle to him. He knows that he and Jacob will get to share a room in the new house,  he is very happy about that.  He visits "his room" at the new building site whenever he can. 
     We are honored to have Joemar with us.  He has given us so much!  His smiles,  his unconditional love for us and the fact that he can and does enjoy all the simple, but most important things in life, all these are a lesson for each of us. 
      I am going birthday shopping in the morning (for the February and March birthdays…about 14 kids I think it is)  So I brought Joemar home  tonight so he can go with me shopping tomorrow morning.  Joemar loves to come to our houses.  He packed  his favorite Superman backpack and was ready and waiting for me to finish my duty time. 
      I thank the Lord for Joemar!  His simple joy and total trust are a blessing to us!  We love our Joemar!
      Here’s Joemar hanging out at m house.  He is quite excited to go to the Mall tomorrow….what a guy!
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