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six months…..

February 24, 2009
      I have been back in Cebu for six months already!  My one year furlough in the USA seemed to last about 3 months….it seems to have been about one month since I arrived  back here.  TIME.  As I kid I was impatient for school to start, for school to end, for a neice or nephew to be born, for Christmas or for a special event, to arrive.  Adults told me that I should just enjoy the time and not wish away the days.   I didn’t believe them.  I was wrong.
      This year will be our 30th anniversary of arriving in the Philippines –  since 1979 .   We had no idea what God had in mind for  us to do !  We got in the way of God’s best  plans a few times I am sure,  but we have absolutely seen God’s hand in the establishment and growth of CSC for 30 years!   It seems that anniversaries tend to make us look back as well as look ahead…that is what I have been doing recently.  Growing up I was so impatient to know just what I would do with my life….what would I be doing when I was 25?  40?  50?  Now that I know what I was doing at those ages I wonder if I used all the opportunities that God had for me?  I am sure that I missed some.  I  continue to be in awe of God and how He works his will into our lives (or our lives into his will )…sometimes with our permission and sometimes dragging us along – and sad to say sometimes us totally missing what God had for us I am sure.  If I could look back and change something about my life I really don’t know what that would be – there are some things I would guess.  But I do love the opportunities that God has given me.  I know I can’t see the opportunities that I am sure I missed along the way.  Of course there are days that are hard,  things that are not fair, things that make me mad and things that I would rather have just skipped over….but all the opportunities, good and not so good add up to what is happening TODAY.  And TODAY is good.   At my 75th birthday I wonder what I will be doing?     Hmmmmmm……
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