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out my office window….

March 7, 2009
     I am sitting here in my office attempting to get some work done – but there is so much going on just outside my window that it is hard to work!  I am just watching… is what I see. 
* John Nino is finally able to slow down his walking enough to stay upright (he started out literally running so has been falling down after only a few steps) – he’s got the concept of "walking" now though!  A bunch of older kids are cheering for him.  
*A few of the teen age girls are sitting on the bench swing together…i am sure talking about their "crush’ and all the important news of the day. 
* Some of the older boys are playing basketball right outside my window. John is sitting right at the base of the hoop and giving a play by play of what  is happening in the game.  He is making up lots though! 
*Kyle, Cyril and Jeffrey are doing their best to get a kite out of a tree….throwing a rock on a string at it to try to snag it..trying to wiggle the branches..and looking around to see if someone is watching them because I know they REALLY want to climb that tree!  It is really too small to climb though…..
*Ardian is riding bike up and down the driveway – and taking his hands off the handlebars whenever he thinks the aunties are not watching him.  hmmmmmm….
*I see one of the Aunties bringing some toys and books up to the infirmary, for John Lloyd, one of our 2 1/2 year old twins who got sick this morning (his  twin brother is John Loue) – their adoptive parents will be here in an hour or so.  Amazing how often the kids get sick when their adoptive parents are coming!
*Wilmar (it’s his 8th birthday today) is running around with a little kite on an 8 to 10 foot string!  He has been trying to get that kite airborn for 30 minutes at least! He is certainly diligent!
*Little Leonard is sitting on a blanket in the middle of the yard,  he has an auntie with him and the older kids keep stopping by to give him a hug and some attention too..he keeps turning around because he does not know what to look at – too many choices.
*John Lloyd (the little one, 13 months old…we have two) is in a walker in the yard – he can now get everywhere in that walker!  He has been pulled back from the basketball game about 3 times in the last four minutes.  He wants to play basketball!  He also seems to want  to run over Leonard!
*Charryto is using the see-saw for a balance beam.
*Jeneviev and Riza Mae came to visit me in my office!   Joemar has been here most of the afternoon already! Actually lots of kids have been in and out – I love my "open door" policy (at least MOST of the time!)
*Angillo is being a real monkey on the "monkey bars".
*GiGi and Rhoella are obviously preparing some amazing meal with their collection of leaves, grass, stones and water on their toy plates.
I could go on and on…by the time i type one thing another event is happening…i need to stop and just watch so I dont miss anything! Wish I could share my view with you!
LAST MINUTE UPDATE…Kyle, Cyril and Jeffery were successful – they have their kite OUT of the tree – for the moment anyway!
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