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March 19, 2009
      One of the best things (and biggest blessings ) about being at CSC is being able to help kids. We see the change that a little love, food, medicine, consistency and commitment can do for a child.  We have again been given this opportunity with the recent arrival of two brothers Jinno (age 4) and Jonel (age 2).  Jinno and Jonel are happy to be here despite the fact that they have to take lots of medicine, indure a few injections and are isolated away from the other kids.  The fact that their situation before coming here was quite dismal has much to do with their excitement to be here I am sure.  An infant sibling died while their birth mom was experiencing severe post partum depression, the boys were sickly and Mom simply could not cope.  We are saddened that we didn’t visit the family earlier, and heart broken that the baby died.  It was decided that the boys would come to CSC at the first visit to their home.  The birth mom will get  help as well.  Jonel had to make an emergency trip to the hospital a few days after arriving at CSC;  the worms that had invaded his little body were trying to come UP rather than go DOWN as any smart self respecting worm would do. ( As an aside….any of you want gross worm stories…just ask any CSC staff person! We have enough stories to write a book! )  Jonel was choking on live worms.  He is now back here with us and the worms have "passed on" if you know what I mean. These little guys will be in Iso for a long time though;  ear infections, skin rashes, pneumonia and TB all in one little body is tough stuff.  What a blessing it is to see their faces filling out, that little spark of mischievousness that every little boy needs showing itself and the recognition and joy in their faces when I walk into the ISO room for a visit! These two will make great CSC KIDS!   The fact that they are also cute just confirms it!
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